Baytree Vision

Baytree aims to provide pupils with a supportive, nurturing, safe, secure and stimulating environment in which their social, emotional intellectual and health needs are met.

Pupils are encouraged to make choices and be as independent as possible so that they remain happy, positive young citizens achieving beyond that which society expects of them.

Their strengths and talents are identified and challenging and stretching targets are set to ensure they achieve their individual potential.

Baytree pupils are provided with a sense of achievement; leading them to grow in confidence and increasing their feeling of self-worth and self esteem, empowering them to adopt a ‘have a go attitude’ in all aspects of their lives.

Baytree School is Child Centred; listening to and learning from the pupils which allows us to provide an outstanding, fun and enjoyable educational provision beyond the National Curriculum.

Baytree pupils are provided with opportunities to build friendships, show and receive respect, feel valued and accepted for who they are and achieve a sense of belonging.

Baytree is an inclusive school that works closely with other organisations and professionals to meet the needs of all pupils.

Baytree ensures that its pupils, staff, parents / carers, governors and all that are involved with the school feel valued and that we remain an ‘amazing and fantastic place to come to’.

All staff, parents/carers and Governors truly believe that
Every child matters and that every day we will ensure that this is at the forefront of everything we do.



Email :             Telephone Number:  01934 427555

Address:  The Campus, Highlands Lane, Weston super Mare, North Somerset  BS24 7DX