14-19 Pathways

Careers Education and Guidance Strategy July 2014

 14 -19 Pathways

Our 14 – 19 curriculum provides an individualised programmes of study for students with a range of learning, communication, physical, sensory and social disabilities, with exciting, relevant and fun learning experiences in preparation for life beyond school.

We believe students achieve to their full potential and learn to be the best that they can be when:

  • They enjoy life and learning
  • They feel safe and secure
  • They have a sense of belonging
  • They have a sense of worth and feel valued

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to challenge and build upon all students’ individual abilities and strengths. Within Baytree we have developed 3 distinct pathways which ensure that the curriculum and accreditation is well matched to individual student’s needs and learning styles. As the students follow the pathways they are encouraged to become confident, active and independent learners and members of the community in preparation for life beyond school.

Pathways 1 – 3 (link)

(link to 14 – 19 documents)

Accreditation is achieved through ASDAN: KS4 – preparatory route (Towards Independence and/or Transition Challenge), KS5 Personal Progress and/or Personal Social Development. Students are assessed through school developed achievement continuums where their progress and achievements are tracked.


Looking forward to the future…

We have excellent transition links in place to support students into their next stage of life and learning.

Almost all of our students move onto college when they leave Baytree, others have chosen personalised packages supported by Health and/or Social Care. Throughout their time in Key Stage 5 students will attend college one day a week and have access to the schools nearby ‘independent living skills flat’. Students gain a range of experiences through visiting different work environments and having local speakers including employers and employees in to talk to them about skills they will need for the future. Students have opportunities for work experience during Key Stage 5. This is tailored to meet the strengths of the students and range from fully supported positions to independent positions in school and the local community. Local Colleges will most likely be suitable provision but where a local college cannot meet a student’s need other options are investigated. Some students move onto independent living in supported housing, residential homes or stay at home.

Who to ask for help?

Careers lessons and independent advice and guidance are provided for all students.

Please contact your class team if you have any queries.


Helpful links and information

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