Absences & Holidays


A child who is a full time pupil should attend school on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to see that this happens. We ask parents/carers to inform the school in writing or by telephone if they know in advance that their child is going to be away (e.g. medical appointment). We also request that parents/carers inform the school of any reason for absence, preferably by telephone on each day of illness by 9.30 am. If they are unable to do so on the day of absence, then they should do so immediately on the child’s return to school. Please ensure that you inform the Transport section of any changes in transport.

North Somerset School Transport Team telephone no. is 01934 434715.

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Holiday in Term Time

We ask that parents/carers endeavour to ensure that all family holidays are taken during the school holidays. In exceptional circumstances parents/carers who wish their child to accompany them on a family activity or holiday during term time should request this beforehand in writing to the Headteacher, along with a holiday request form available from the school office. Absences are recorded as unauthorised if this is not done or clear information is not provided to the school. Please ensure that you give the Transport Section adequate notice of known absence.


Further details can be viewed here

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