All admissions to Baytree are determined by the Local Authority (LA) following consultation with the school. The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring, to the best of their endeavours, that the provision specified in the Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP) is made available for the pupils placed at the school, from within their delegated budget.

In exceptional circumstances the LA allocates additional resources for specifically identified needs.


  1. The names of pupils are put forward by the LA.
  2. The LA sends copies of the Statement of SEN or Education and Healthcare Plan (EHCP) accompanying Appendices (supporting reports) to the school.
  3. The Headteacher discusses the needs and provision with the School Leadership Team.
  4. On behalf of the Governing Body Headteacher makes a decision as to whether the acceptance of the pupil is appropriate.

The following criteria are used:

(i)    Severe Learning Difficulties and/or Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties is specified as the main need in Part 2 of the Statement of SEN or in the ECHP(ii)    Individual needs reflected in the Statement/ECHP can be met through provision/professional expertise/resources currently available.

(iii)   Where there are exceptional circumstances an additional allocation of resources, e.g. for staffing, specialised furniture or equipment, is made available from the LA.

(iv)   The needs of the pupil concerned are compatible with the interests of other pupils already in the school.

  1. In the case of dispute the full Governing Body is consulted.

Our Admissions Policy can be found on our website  In the Parents / Statutory policies tabs.

Contact details for the Special Educational Needs Team, Vulnerable Learners’ Service, Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ. Telephone: 01934 888294

The Special Educational Needs Team have information on the North Somerset Council website:

The Special Educational Needs Team have information on the North Somerset Council website: