What is charging?

Charging is the making of a request from parents to contribute financially towards a school visit or activity.

We do not make any charge for activities that take place as part of our normal school day.

However, it is sometimes necessary to ask parents/carers for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of a particular trip out or visit. This can help to pay for fuel for the school minibus, or perhaps help towards the cost of admission. Please note, however, that if activities take place during the normal school day, then no pupils will be excluded from taking part if parents are unable to make a voluntary contribution. We do expect parents to meet the full cost of:

  • Individual music tuition.
  • Activities outside of school hours that are not part of the National Curriculum.
  • Ingredients and/or materials for practical subjects where the item is kept by the pupil, e.g. Food Technology (cooking ingredients), Craft and Design Technology.
  • Replacement of lost books or equipment.
  • Costs incurred as a result of deliberate damage to the school buildings, property or furniture.


We do ask parents/carers for a termly voluntary contribution towards the cost of snacks etc. (amenity money).

Why do we make charges?

  • The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including school trips, theatre visits and visiting curriculum expertise, can make to the children’s education and in particular to their personal and social development.

  • Communication is at the core of our curriculum and it is during such visits and activities that our pupils are able to put their skills into practice, developing this important life skill.

  • It is the aim of the Governing Body to promote such activities as part of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for every pupil.

 How do we charge?

  • If visits incur costs we will seek to recover as much as possible of the total cost by informing parents of the total cost and asking for a voluntary contribution.

  • Non-payment of a contribution will not prevent any child from taking part in the activity (unless a parent wishes their child to be excluded). However, if voluntary contributions do not meet the majority of the total costs, consideration will be given to the cancellation of the activity.

  • In line with the National Curriculum, our extended National Curriculum, the 14-19 Curriculum and our PSHE Curriculum our pupils are involved in the development of INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS. This involves pupils being engaged in practical activities such as food technology, pottery, technology and basic self-help skills.

  • As far as possible the school arranges for required items to be available for use by pupils. Where it is the intention that such products will be taken home for consumption or use a voluntary contribution towards the cost may be requested.

  • As many of these activities take place on an on-going basis to reinforce and practice independent living skills parents may be asked for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the terms activities.

  • No pupil will be excluded from a visit or activity if a voluntary contribution is not received.

 Policy Review

The Charging Policy is now within the Finance Policy which is reviewed annually.  Please see Policies for the Finance Policy.