The curriculum offered at Baytree is specifically adapted to provide for the academic and personal development of pupils with learning difficulties. Activities are carefully planned to ensure that children are successful in the learning and recognise that they are valued as individuals. The aim is for them to enjoy being at school.

Baytree offers a curriculum that is broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of each pupil, designed to develop his/her knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. The starting point for the curriculum is the individual pupil with a programme designed to meet his/her needs taken from the full available curriculum. Every pupil has an Individual Education Plan which identifies their learning priorities and any specialist strategies.

To meet the needs of pupils, classes are small with between 8 and 12 pupils working with a teacher and at least 2 teaching assistants. Additional staff may also support classes in which pupils have a complex range of needs. Healthcare Assistants provide support for pupils with medical needs.

The emphasis placed upon different areas will change as pupils move through the school, but throughout the school, great emphasis is placed on communication skills. Baytree School supports a philosophy of “Total Communication” throughout all classes. This means that staff respond to and encourage whatever methods of communication pupils use. This helps them to have equal opportunity to express their needs and choices in both education and social activities.

An important element of the curriculum, which is continually addressed, is the development of functional independence for all pupils. From the earliest years onwards, pupils are taught appropriate self-help skills. There is emphasis upon the necessary behaviour to work and play happily with others in a group and as pupils get older, increasing activities are planned within the local community.

Pupils with more complex needs can access the curriculum through the use of multi-sensory approaches. This enables the pupils to use and integrate their senses to learn about themselves and the world around them. The balance between subject based sessions and therapeutic input may be different for each of these pupils and is planned according to individual needs.

The curriculum at Baytree is structured to ensure that Personal, Social and Health education is given the status of a core subject for all age groups. This is particularly important in preparing pupils for adult life. Each term there are also whole school projects to promote the pupils’ wider spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Curriculum Policy

Our Curriculum policy has more detailed information about our curriculum and can be viewed here on our school website. A paper copy can be requested from the school office.

Specialist Facilities:

The work of our pupils is enriched by access to specialist facilities; 2 school minibuses with tail lifts, a school car with wheelchair access, sensory integration room, chill-out zone, sports hall, soft play area, hydrotherapy pool, sensory room, flat with adapted and independent controls and bathroom with ceiling tracking hoist.