Term Dates

Academic Year 2021 – 2022

Term 1

INSET DAY – Thursday 2 September 2021

INSET DAY – Friday 3 September 2021

Term Starts – Monday 6 September 2021

Term Ends – Wednesday 20 October 2021

INSET DAY – Thursday 21 October 2021

INSET DAY – Friday 22 October 2021

Term 2

Term Starts – Monday 1 November 2021

Term Ends – Friday 17 December 2021

Term 3

Term Starts – Tuesday 4 January 2022

Term Ends – Friday 18 February 2022

Term 4

INSET DAY – Monday 28 February 2022

INSET DAY – Tuesday 1 March 2022
Term Starts – Wednesday 2 March 2022
Term Ends – Friday 8 April 2022

Term 5

Term Starts – Monday 25 April 2022

BANK HOLIDAY – Monday 2 May 2022

Term Ends – Friday 27 May 2022

Term 6

Term Starts – Monday 6 June 2022

Term Ends – Thursday 21 July 2022

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Send Information Report 2021

Absences & Holidays


A child who is a full time pupil should attend school on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to see that this happens. We ask parents/carers to inform the school in writing or by telephone if they know in advance that their child is going to be away (e.g. medical appointment). We also request that parents/carers inform the school of any reason for absence, preferably by telephone on each day of illness by 9.30 am. If they are unable to do so on the day of absence, then they should do so immediately on the child’s return to school. Please ensure that you inform the Transport section of any changes in transport.

North Somerset School Transport Team telephone no. is 01934 434715.

Holiday in Term Time

We ask that parents/carers endeavour to ensure that all family holidays are taken during the school holidays. In exceptional circumstances parents/carers who wish their child to accompany them on a family activity or holiday during term time should request this beforehand in writing to the Headteacher, along with a holiday request form available from the school office. Absences are recorded as unauthorised if this is not done or clear information is not provided to the school.

Please ensure that you give the Transport Section adequate notice of known absence on 01934 434715.


If your child needs medication in school, you will need to sign a consent form. Download Medical Consent Form.

Our school Healthcare Team are responsible for meeting the medical needs of the children in school with the support of the Primary Care Trust. They are able to administer any medication your child needs throughout the school day after a care plan has been drawn up by a parent/carer. Any medication brought into school must be signed over to a member of staff by a parent/carer or transport escort and must NOT be brought into school in your child’s bag. The care plan and medication forms are available in school or on our school website Medication Information Form. Please provide clear instructions for use of medication on form or in child’s school diary.


Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell. We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult to make a judgement first thing in the morning but would ask parents to be in reach of a telephone if they send their child to school but are unsure about their fitness to attend.

On admission, parents are asked to provide at least two contact numbers in case we need to reach them during the day. It is helpful if any changes to these are notified promptly. If a child should have an accident during the school day, we notify parents as soon as possible and advise of the child’s condition. Where a hospital check is felt necessary, parents are asked either to come and take their child or to meet school staff at the hospital, depending on the nature of any injury. Our school Nurse will usually advise the Headteacher about a child’s fitness to attend school and is most likely to make contact with parents over these issues.


If your child suffers from an episode of sickness or diarrhoea they must not return to school for at least 48 hours after the last episode. Please note that in line with Health Protection Guidance, your child will not be able to swim or have hydrotherapy for two weeks following an episode of diarrhoea.

School Dinners

We have a kitchen on site that prepares meals each day. There is a 3 week menu that ensures nationally recognised nutrition guidelines are provided for.

There is a choice of main meal and deserts which always include fresh fruit. The kitchen caters for medical and religious dietary needs of all pupils. Prices for meals are available from the school office. Meals can be purchased individually or paid weekly or termly in advance. If preferred, parents/carers may send in a packed lunch for their child. Free school meals are available for those pupils who qualify under the usual terms. Apply for Free School Meals. Members of the class teams support pupils during meal times and pupils are encouraged to eat a balanced meal and develop independence. The school is also able to manage tube feeding where this is prescribed.


Parents are very welcome to bring their children to school themselves if this is practically possible. However, most pupils travel to and from school on transport provided through North Somerset Council.

Transport arrangements are supervised centrally by North Somerset staff who are responsible for placing the contracts with transport companies. Many different vehicles are used and each has an escort who accompanies the pupils to school. Escorts and drivers are not allowed to make any changes in route without the authority of the transport section at North Somerset. If you wish to make arrangements for your child to travel to or from a different location (eg to respite care) please give confirmation at least 4 days before by contacting the school transport section.

North Somerset School Transport Team 01934 434715.

School Uniform

Please mark all clothes/personal possessions (such as shoes, lunch box, school bag etc) with your childs name.



School sweatshirts, polo shirts or fleeces are available with the school logo. To order go to www.schooltrends.co.uk

Primary Pupils

School Uniform

White or red polo shirt

Red sweatshirt

Grey trousers, skirt or track suit bottoms

Girls may prefer red/white check dress in the summer

PE Kit

White or red T-shirt

Navy shorts

Daps or trainers

Secondary Pupils

School Uniform

White or navy polo shirt

Navy sweatshirt

Black or navy trousers, skirt or tracksuit bottoms

PE Kit

White or navy T-shirt

Navy shorts

Daps or trainers


One-piece costume or trunks.

Post 16 Students

Post 16 students do not have a school uniform, but have agreed a dress code.

Change Of Clothes

If it is likely that a change of clothes will be necessary please send sufficient changes of clothes and a polythene bag to return any soiled/wet clothes home to you for washing.

If there is an emergency and school clothes have to be borrowed by your child please wash and return articles as soon as possible as we only have limited supplies.

If your child requires disposable nappies / pads, wet wipes and lotions please send in a regular supply. Senior girls will need a supply of sanitary towels to be sent in for them to use when necessary.


We do not make any charge for activities that take place as part of our normal school day.



However, it is sometimes necessary to ask parents/carers for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of a particular trip out or visit. This can help to pay for fuel for the school minibus, or perhaps help towards the cost of admission.

What Is Charging?

Charging is the making of a request from parents to contribute financially towards a school visit or activity.

Please note, however, that if activities take place during the normal school day, then no pupils will be excluded from taking part if parents are unable to make a voluntary contribution. We do expect parents to meet the full cost of:

  • Individual music tuition.
  • Activities outside of school hours that are not part of the National Curriculum.
  • Ingredients and/or materials for practical subjects where the item is kept by the pupil, e.g. Food Technology (cooking ingredients), Craft and Design Technology.
  • Replacement of lost books or equipment.
  • Costs incurred as a result of deliberate damage to the school buildings, property or furniture.


We do ask parents/carers for a termly voluntary contribution towards the cost of snacks etc. (amenity money).

Why Do We Make Charges?

  • The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including school trips, theatre visits and visiting curriculum expertise, can make to the children’s education and in particular to their personal and social development.
  • Communication is at the core of our curriculum and it is during such visits and activities that our pupils are able to put their skills into practice, developing this important life skill.
  • It is the aim of the Governing Body to promote such activities as part of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for every pupil.

How Do We Charge?

  • If visits incur costs we will seek to recover as much as possible of the total cost by informing parents of the total cost and asking for a voluntary contribution.
  • Non-payment of a contribution will not prevent any child from taking part in the activity (unless a parent wishes their child to be excluded). However, if voluntary contributions do not meet the majority of the total costs, consideration will be given to the cancellation of the activity.
  • In line with the National Curriculum, our extended National Curriculum, the 14-19 Curriculum and our PSHE Curriculum our pupils are involved in the development of INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS. This involves pupils being engaged in practical activities such as food technology, pottery, technology and basic self-help skills.
  • As far as possible the school arranges for required items to be available for use by pupils. Where it is the intention that such products will be taken home for consumption or use a voluntary contribution towards the cost may be requested.
  • As many of these activities take place on an on-going basis to reinforce and practice independent living skills parents may be asked for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the terms activities.
  • No pupil will be excluded from a visit or activity if a voluntary contribution is not received.

Supporting Parents

Every Local Authority has a Local Offer of Services to provide information for families.

View North Somerset Local Offer here. 

New information is being added regularly.


Bibic is a national charity offering practical help to families caring for children with conditions like autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, brain injury, and specific learning difficulties like ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. We specialise in understanding the causes of challenging behaviour and can even offer support if your child has not been diagnosed with a condition.


The North Somerset Branch of the National Autistic Society works to provide information and support to individuals and their families.

It is believed that, although there is no ‘cure’ for Autistic Spectrum Disorders, people who are affected by them, can be helped to adjust to the world around them. By doing so, both the individuals and the community can benefit from the unique perspectives and abilities that people living on the Autistic Spectrum have to offer.


Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through research, education and directly supporting the children and their carers.


Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.


Life Coach Directory was set up in order to raise awareness of coaching and to enable visitors to find the most suitable qualified coach for their needs.  Coaching is the process of guiding a person from where they are to where they want to be, and can address a range of areas from career advice to familly coaching.


Supporting families of children with SEN.


This is a Sportarray newsletter/Active Directory – which produces an impairment-specific sports guide in the New Year.


To the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities


Educating against Hate


North Somerset Parent Carers Working Together



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