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Ravenswood School at The Campus 2021

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Headteacher: Mr Ed Bowen-Robers
Deputy Headteacher: Miss Aline Kay
Chair of Governors: Mr Nick Ward

Dear parents/carers

As you may have heard, Ravenswood School has had a significant issue with their roof which resulted in the building being uninhabitable and all the pupils having to learn from home from the start of this academic year.

After significant building work, the majority of pupils and staff have managed to return to Ravenswood School, however, there is still a part of the building which is yet to be reopened. Therefore, a group of primary-aged pupils from Ravenswood will be utilising the Conference Rooms within The Campus as their classroom space from Monday 4th October.

We have worked closely with Ravenswood staff to ensure this does not cause any significant disruption or impact to the way Baytree School or Herons’ Moor Academy operate.

We anticipate this to be a short term solution whilst Ravenswood School is made safe.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Yours sincerely

Ed Bowen-Roberts