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Why Choose Us?


Baytree School strives to enable all learners to not only achieve but to exceed expectations through the delivery of a challenging, individualised and bespoke curriculum.

Our Golden threads, Communication and Independence are at the forefront of everything we do and embedded within our everyday practice and routines. Our aim is for all learners to achieve their potential through a bespoke communication system that enables purposeful choice making, meaningful interactions and developing positive relationships alongside developing the necessary skills to live as independently or interdependently as possible.

At Baytree School, our learner’s achievements, efforts and accomplishments are celebrated. This ensures a shared sense of achievement, with learners developing and enhancing their self-confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being.

Baytree School believe and adhere to a learner-centred approach that listens to and learns from our learners. We aspire to provide a fun and enjoyable educational provision which goes beyond the National Curriculum. Our learners are provided with opportunities to build friendships, show and receive respect, feel valued and be accepted for who they are whilst achieving a sense of belonging.

Baytree School is an inclusive school that works closely with other organisations and professionals to meet learner’s needs and develop their next steps. Baytree School ensures that it’s learners, staff, parents/carers, Governors and all that are involved with the school feel valued and that we remain an ‘amazing and fantastic place to come to’. All staff, parents/carers and Governors truly strive to ensure Baytree School continues to ‘Make the Most of everyday’ for every learner.