Our Vision

Baytree School strives to enable all learners to not only achieve but to exceed expectations through the delivery of a challenging, individualised and bespoke curriculum. 


Our Golden threads, Communication and Independence are at the forefront of everything we do and embedded within our everyday practice and routines. Our aim is for all learners to achieve their potential through a bespoke communication system that enables purposeful choice making, meaningful interactions and developing positive relationships alongside developing the necessary skills to live as independently or interdependently as possible.


At Baytree School, our learner’s achievements, efforts and accomplishments are celebrated. This ensures a shared sense of achievement, with learners developing and enhancing their self-confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being.


Baytree School believe and adhere to a learner-centred approach that listens to and learns from our learners. We aspire to provide a fun and enjoyable educational provision which goes beyond the National Curriculum. Our learners are provided with opportunities to build friendships, show and receive respect, feel valued and be accepted for who they are whilst achieving a sense of belonging.


Baytree School is an inclusive school that works closely with other organisations and professionals to meet learner’s needs and develop their next steps. Baytree School ensures that it’s learners, staff, parents/carers, Governors and all that are involved with the school feel valued and that we remain an ‘amazing and fantastic place to come to’. All staff, parents/carers and Governors truly strive to ensure Baytree School continues to ‘Make the Most of everyday’ for every learner.

Our Facilities

The work of our pupils is enriched by access to specialist facilities; 2 school minibuses with tail lifts, a school car with wheelchair access, sensory integration room, chill-out zone, sports hall, soft play area, hydrotherapy pool, sensory room, flat with adapted and independent controls and bathroom with ceiling tracking hoist.

Meet The Team

Senior Leadership Team


Ed Bowen-Roberts Headteacher

Aline Kay Deputy Headteacher

Kirsty Tudor Health Lead

Kim Richards EYFS Department Lead

Kate Lewis Middle School Department Lead

Lottie Pimm Upper School Department Lead



Judy Hill School Business Manager

Cara Richards PA to Headteacher

Jo Hiley School Administrator

Additional Staff


Ali Mason Outreach & Sensory Lead

Kerri-Leigh Heal Intervention/Outreach Support

Tam Allen Outreach Support

Jackie Rawle IT Teaching Assistant Support

Amanda Stephens Career Support



Kirsty Tudor Health Lead

Rachel Pickford Healthcare Assistant

Emily Bessant Healthcare Assistant

Red Class

Kim | Class Teacher

Angela | Teaching Assistant

Dani | Learning Support Assistant

Lauren | General Assistant

Vicky | Learning Support Assistant

Louise | Teaching Assistant

Adele | Learning Support Assistant


Debbie – Lunchtime Supervisor

Orange Class

Sara | Class Teacher

Claire | Teaching Assistant

Joni | Learning Support Assistant

Molly | Learning Support Assistant

Jackie | Healthcare Assistant

Sarah | Healthcare Assistant


Debbie – Lunchtime Supervisor

Yellow Class

Kate| Class Teacher

Maria | Teaching Assistant

Kiran | Teaching Assistant

Mel | Healthcare Assistant

Fiona | Learning Support Assistant

Charlotte | Learning Support Assistant

Mandy | Learning Support Assistant

Megan | Learning Support Assistant


Ben – Lunchtime Supervisor

Green Class

Claire | Class Teacher

Ann | Learning Support Assistant

Jo | Healthcare Assistant

Chloe | Healthcare Assistant

Leanne | General Assistant

Zoe | Learning Support Assistant


Ang – Lunchtime Supervisor

Purple Class

Kate | Class Teacher

Ruth | Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Chloe | Learning Support Assistant

Cara | General Assistant

Jo | General Assistant

Lucy | Learning Support Assistant

Hannah | General Assistant


Ang – Lunchtime Supervisor

Uphill Class

Jo | Class Teacher

Andrea | Learning Support Assistant

Dawn | Learning Support Assistant

Anne | Learning Support Assistant

Lee | Learning Support Assistant

Debbie | Learning Support Assistant


Ang – Lunchtime Supervisor

Worle Class

Carol | Class Teacher

Sallie | Learning Support Assistant

Shelly | Teaching Assistant

Emily | Learning Support Assistant

Matt | Learning Support Assistant

Mel | Learning Support Assistant

Vanessa | Learning Support Assistant

Emma | General Assistant


Lara-Marie M/Jessica C – Lunchtime Supervisor

Steepholm Class

Lottie | Class Teacher

Caryn R | Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Fiona | Learning Support Assistant

Lianna | General Assistant

Sally | General Assistant

Hannah | Learning Support Assistant

Vanessa | Learning Support Assistant

Tracy | Healthcare Assistant

Lucy | General Assistant


Lara-Maria M/Jessica C – Lunchtime Supervisor

Birnbeck Class

Nikki G/Lydia M | Class Teachers

Amanda | Teaching Assistant

Cheryl | General Assistant

Nikki | General Assistant

Tara | Healthcare Assistant

Lauren | Learning Support Assistant


Lara-Maria M/Jessica C – Lunchtime Supervisor

Knightstone Class

Matt | Class Teacher

Charlene | General Assistant

Katharine | Learning Support Assistant


Lara-Maria M/Jessica C – Lunchtime Supervisor

Meet The Governors

Nick Ward  | Chair of Governors

Chair Term End Date 07.06.2022

Attendance 2020/21 – 83.33%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Ed Bowen-Roberts | Head Teacher

Term end date: ongoing

Attendance 2020/2021 – 100%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Ruth Fuller | Staff | Governor

Term End Date 17/11/2024

Attendance 2020/2021 – 83.33%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Kirsty Andres | Parent | Governor

Term End Date 23/04/2023

Attendance 2020/2021 – 100%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Emma Caple | Parent | Governor

Term End Date 23/09/2024

Attendance 2020/2021 – 83.33%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Neil Galloway | Vice Chair of Governors | Co-Opted Governor

 Term End Date 14/10/2023

Attendance 2020/2021 – 83.33%

Attendance 2019/2020 – 100%

Sarah Bishop | Co-Opted | Governor

Term end date: 26/01/2025

Attendance 2020 – 2021 – 100%

Attendance 2019/2020 – N/A

Sarah Robinson | Co-Opted | Governor

Term end date: 26/01/2025

Attendance 2020/2021 – 100%

Attendance 2019/2020 – N/A

Vacancy | Local Authority | Governor

Term end date: 

Lisa Williams | Clerk

Clerk to Governors