The curriculum at Baytree School is specifically adapted to provide for the academic, personal and emotional development of all pupils. Teaching and learning activities are carefully personalised and planned to make sure that all pupils succeed in every area of their learning in order to unlock their full potential and that they are “provided with a sense of achievement” (Baytree Vision).

Baytree offers a full range of curriculum provision that is broad, balanced and, above all, relevant to the needs of each child and is designed to develop his / her knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. It is recognised that each pupil is unique in their learning therefore requiring a tailor-made personalised curriculum delivered through individual, small group and whole group learning opportunities.

Communication Skills

The learning priorities will change as pupils move through the school but developing communication and independence skills remain paramount for all pupils. From the earliest years onwards, pupils are immersed in a total communication environment experiencing a wide range of communication methods and are supported in developing their main mode of communication. Alongside pupils are taught self-help and social skills and are provided with the necessary behaviour support to work and play and interact with others.


At Baytree we regard English, Maths, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education), PE (Physical Education) and ICT (Information & Communication Technology) as Core Subjects (see Appendices) and these are further enriched by the Foundation subjects relevant to the Key Stage. Religious Education (R.E.) is taught with regard to SACRE guidance and pupils throughout the school will encounter and be immersed in a wide range of different cultures and their languages. This is achieved through our programme of SMSC enrichment events. As part of this exposure the language and some specific vocabulary may be targeted e.g. Celebrating Chinese New Year pupils may learn how to say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese.


Alongside the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) enrichment events pupils in Key Stage 3 have French incorporated within their curriculum. French is integrated into certain cross curricular topics and other activities where it is felt it would enhance pupils learning.

The content covered would not solely comprise of French vocabulary but would encompass elements of French culture to provide our Key Stage 3 pupils with an enriched curriculum and a wider range of experiences.


Teaching and Learning is presented through a mix of subject specific lessons which are the core subjects, cross curricular sessions which include the foundation subjects and real life experiences. Enrichment days are used as part of the RE and SMSC programme invite pupils to fully experience a different faith or culture. Pupils benefit from this “immersion” rather than a “drip feed” approach.


The Campus environment allows for a wide range of areas for the delivery of the curriculum including Hydrotherapy Pool, soft play area, Sensory Room, Food Technology Room, Music Room, outside play areas and within the local environment. Learning is enriched and reinforced by educational visits into the “real” world including the School Flat where life skills and independence are fostered. The school minibuses enable facilitation of learning sessions in the wider community.


Students with sensory processing difficulties are offered support to ensure they are ‘ready to learn’. Students with sensory processing difficulties respond differently to ordinary sensory experiences and this may have a huge impact on their learning. Students who need support regarding one or more of their senses: tactile, auditory, olfactory, taste, proprioception, vestibular and visual are identified and offered support through a wide range of activities and strategies throughout their school day in the classroom, playground, sensory den and the sensory room.

Working Together

Class teams work very closely with other professionals including Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc. Class teams will seek their advice and support to enhance pupils learning and also carry out any personalised programmes they have devised for individual pupils alongside the curriculum.

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