Therapies/activities integrated throughout the curriculum

Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool

Our hydrotherapy swimming pool is utilised by learners for the delivery of individualised hydrotherapy programmes. Our Early Years learners use the hydrotherapy pool to develop early swimming skills and water confidence. Where appropriate, our learners in KS2 – 4 enjoy regular swimming sessions at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre.

Sensory Integration Room

To support learner’s sensory processing and regulation we have developed a bespoke sensory integration room and a number of other sensory integration spaces attached to classrooms. Through the use of adapted swings, ball pools, spinners and other sensory processing equipment we support our learners meet their sensory regulation needs and develop their readiness to learn.

Sensory Immersion Room

To enhance our curriculum and encourage all our learners to experience the amazing and memorable all have access our fully accessible interactive sensory immersion room which is able to transport them anywhere, such as swimming with fish under the sea, exploring the cold of Antarctica or explore out of space. It also enables our learners to experience activities such as hang gliding, parachuting or taking a trip on a train.

Life Skills Flat

Our bespoke and fully accessible Life Skills Flat is situated within the local community and is utilised to support our learners in KS3/4/5 develop the life skills they will need for their next step beyond Baytree School. Our learners can practice cooking a meal, carrying out house work such as cleaning and washing within a real home environment.

Sensory Room

Our sensory room is utilised for individual or small groups of learners to work on personalised sensory programmes with our Sensory HLTA or Intervention Assistant. Our Sensory Room provides an optimum environment for learners to develop their vision, auditory or cause and effect skills. This includes developing skills on the eye gaze system.


At Baytree School, we have a really close working partnership with the physiotherapy team who support our learners in developing their gross and fine motor skills. Our learners have access to a wide range of physical assistive equipment, which enables them to be active members of their environments as well as promoting and encouraging independence. Alongside regular clinics, the physiotherapy team support our learners with personal equipment and creating bespoke physiotherapy plans which are created with the learner at the centre to support at school, home and the wider community.  

Occupational Therapists 

Occupational therapists support many of our learners at Baytree School to ensure they are provided with assistive equipment to enable and enhance their life no matter the barrier. Occupational therapists support our learners to grow, learn, have fun, socialise and play – so they can develop, thrive and reach their full potential. The focus could be on self-care, like getting ready to go out, eating a meal or using the toilet. It could be around supporting access and inclusivity at school or, it could simply be about improving their ability to play with friends, compete at sport or take part in hobbies. Regular clinics are held at Baytree School such as wheelchair, seating and OT to ensure all our learners needs are met.  


Rebound therapy is an exciting and much-loved therapy that is available at Baytree School. We facilitate rebound therapy as a means to empower, engage and support learners. Considering the wealth of opportunities rebound therapy provides, at Baytree School we ensure that our therapy programmes are person-specific and therefore purposeful in delivery. For some, rebound therapy will encourage the development of communication, balance, co-ordination and independence. For others, it may focus on relaxation, trust and confidence, height and depth perception and body awareness. Cross curricular learning can be carried out during these sessions to provides endless opportunities in a fun and engaging way.  

Horse Riding/Equine therapy 

An exciting and therapeutic enhancement to our physical development offer at Baytree School is Equine Therapy. The stables are fully accessible to all learners who will either access riding or a therapy-based approach. Learners visit a local riding centre where they are encouraged and supported to experience the joys of riding as well as being active participants in stable management.   Learners currently access the therapy/riding at Urchinwood Stables. 

Attention Autism 

Attention Autism is an intervention designed by Gina Davies, which aims to develop opportunities for natural and spontaneous communication and interactions.   The approach offers learners ‘an irresistible invitation to learn’ through visual, fun and motivating activities. It supports learners to build attention and develop their social communication skills, improving joint attention and shared experience in group activities. At Baytree School we use Attention Autism across the school from EYFS – POST 16 to promote and support intensive interaction, learner's communication, personalising this to our topics and lesson themes.   Practical Help with Autism | Gina Davies Autism Centre 

Intensive Interaction 

At Baytree School ‘intensive interaction’ is interwoven throughout our curriculum approach for learners. It is used as a communication approach, developing both interaction and communication abilities between learners and the people in their environment by encouraging and teaching pre-speech fundamentals.   Intensive interaction teaches and develops the ‘fundamentals of communication’ such as: using and understanding eye contact, facial expressions, vocalisations leading to speech, taking turns in exchange of communication and the structure of communication. This supports our learners to develop early interaction abilities, how to enjoy being with other people, how to relate, interact, know and understand and practise communication routines.  Intensive interaction is encouraged throughout the school day and often happens spontaneously led by the learner!   We also have timetabled sessions such as; Dance Massage, Tac-Pac and Sensology. Intensive interaction is based on responding to and copying noises, movements and actions made by the learner in a fun and play based manner led by the child.  

Intervention and Play Sessions

At Baytree School ‘intervention and play’ is facilitated either during 1:1 sessions or in small peer groups. Intervention is a bespoke session allowing a learner to develop a skill in a quiet and distraction free environment. The learner, alongside the intervention staff member, will have support to generalise these developed skills in the classroom with the class team.  Play sessions are learner led sessions with no demands. They allow for open avenues for conversation and support with feelings, emotions and any questions that may arise. These sessions have shown to support leaners resilience and increase self-esteem and wellbeing.