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Baytree School Outreach Possibilities

Baytree School is proud to provide an Outreach service to support other schools and settings to meet the needs of their Children and Young People (CYP) with SEND. Our goal is to ensure each Child or Young Person thrives within their setting.

Please see below a list of some of the support we can offer, ranging from whole school training on topics such as positive behaviour support to providing practical support and advice to meet the needs of an individual CYP.

In the first instance, we will provide a free consultation visit to discuss and identify where the Baytree School Outreach Team could support the school or organisation and the individual CYP with SEND.

Costs are dependent on the support and training requested but a half-day visit to support an individual Child or Young Person with SEND including a written report would be approx. £150.00. Whole School training would be negotiated dependent on the content of training, length of training and group size.

If your organisation is interested in commissioning support from the Baytree Outreach Team please complete the form below.

Whole School Support and Training or bespoke support for an individual CYP with SENDDetails
Supporting Children and Young People with a range of SEND Baytree Outreach Team has vast experience in supporting Children and Young People with a variety of SEND access the curriculum.
Support can be provided through bespoke whole school or organisation training focussing on supporting CYP with SEND achieve best possible outcomes.
Support for an individual CYP can be provided through observations and support with a written report created detailing practical support, advice and guidance.
Positive Behaviour SupportBaytree School have x3 trained PROACTscipr-UK instructors who can provide advice and guidance on behaviour support at a whole organisation level.
Support can be provided for an individual CYP displaying challenging behaviours through observations providing proactive strategies will be identified to support the CYP manage their own behaviours.
Sensory SupportBaytree School have x2 trained sense interveners that can provide support, advice and guidance on meeting CYP’s sensory needs.
Sensory Processing NeedsWe have experienced staff who can support schools and organisations in meeting the needs of their CYP with sensory processing needs, including the delivery of specialist sensory diets.
AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)Baytree Outreach Team have experienced members of staff who can support the implementation and delivery of a variety of AAC systems from low tech- PECS / Objects of Reference/ Communication books to high tech systems such as eye gaze systems and other VOCAs.
Complex Medical NeedsBaytree School have a trained School Nurse who can offer support to a school or organisation in meeting the needs of those with complex health needs by providing advice on the systems and procedures to ensure safe and appropriate working practice.

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