Baytree School Departments

Early Years Department

Early Years Vision

At Baytree School, we aim for all our learners to feel happy, safe and enjoy their school experience. Within our early year’s department, we set and develop the foundations for building positive home-school relationships and strive for each learner to develop a love of learning through an individually tailored curriculum, which prepares them for the next steps on their learning journey.

Our focus is on developing a learner’s self-awareness, self-help skills, social interaction and communication skills through a play-based curriculum that encourages learning through exploration and immersive experiences. This equips our learners with the necessary skills needed to transition into our middle years’ department.

Our vision is to provide all learners with the opportunities to unlock their potential to be as independent as possible, equipped with the necessary skills to positively influence the school and local community.

Baytree Early Years – Year A

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Middle School Department

Middle School Vision

In the Middle Years’ department, we provide a varied and creative curriculum that ensures the skills developed in the early years are strengthened and expanded.  We work from the individual to tailor fun and exciting experiences to inspire a love of learning and allow learners to develop personal choices and interests. Learning opportunities are not just limited to each class, but flow between the department and the school and the local environment.

Outdoor learning is a key part of our curriculum. It allows the learners to connect, explore and experience the world around them and transfer and apply their learning to ‘real life’ out in the community. 

We are continuously furthering our expertise to match to the needs of our learners.  All our staff strive to enable our learners to develop their knowledge, communication and independence skills, preparing them for their journey into the senior department and life beyond Baytree School.

Baytree School Middle School – Year A

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Upper School Department

Upper School Vision

The upper school department prepares our learners for their personalised next steps into adulthood. The curriculum is underpinned by the Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) strands and is tailored to be fun, motivating and engaging for all learners.

We focus on each learner, striving to enhance the skills the learner already has and develop those which they need for the future in order to achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

Skills which have been established within a learners Baytree journey are functionally utilised and developed in the local and wider community. Functional skills, communication and independence are core within our curriculum and enable our learners to access, be a part of and enhance the community around them.

Within the upper school department curriculum, our learners experience options, which will be available post Baytree; this ensures our learners are confident, know what’s available to them and can make active choices in regards to their next steps. Our vision is for all our learners to leave Baytree as prepared as possible for adulthood:

  • To be able to make the most of employment opportunities and the world of leisure
  • To be able to live as independently as possible and fulfilled a life as possible
  • To feel valued members of their community and be able to offer something to the community.

Baytree School Upper School KS3 – Year A

Baytree School KS4 – Year A (sensory)

Baytree School KS4 – Year A (subject specific)

Baytree School KS5 – Year A (sensory)

Baytree School KS5 – Year A (subject specific)