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Car Park Letter 2021

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Headteacher: Mr Ed Bowen-Robers
Deputy Headteacher: Miss Aline Kay
Chair of Governors: Mr Nick Ward

Dear parents/carers

This letter is sent jointly to all parents/carers of Baytree School and Herons’ Moor Academy.

Since the start of term, we recognise that the car park is increasingly busy. This academic year we have a greater number of minibuses and vehicles accessing the school site. We understand that this is causing difficulties and frustrations which has, unfortunately, lead to an increase in the number of incidents/disputes between parents/carers.

We would like to remind you that we find any sort of inflammatory behaviour, especially in front of children, completely unacceptable and we ask that we all are patient and tolerant of one another and prioritise the children accessing school safely and happily.

We are values-based schools. We have an approach to education which creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops the social and relationship skills of all students. Much of this is achieved through modelling positive values and behaviours. Mutual respect is at the heart of this. It is therefore critical that all members of the school communities treat each other with respect. As a shared site, this cuts across both schools and applies to everyone.

If for any reason you feel another parent/carer is acting in such a way that goes against these values, rather than confront them, we ask that you please speak with a member of staff.

The car park has been a particular flashpoint. Baytree is oversubscribed this year which is likely to result in greater congestion. Please refrain from parking in the disabled bays if you are not a blue badge holder. Conversely, anyone that holds a blue badge has an equal entitlement. Please remember that many people have a hidden disability.

Can we please also ask that you park in a way that does not impact on the school buses. Logistically manoeuvring each of them each day is difficult. If cars park inappropriately this becomes even more of a problem and potentially dangerous. Please also be patient when they are reversing in and give them priority and space.

We would like to repeat our request that if you are able, please park in the Morrisons complex,
to ease the congestion.

Finally, on a separate matter, please remember that dogs are not permitted within the school grounds. This is a potential risk, and not everyone is comfortable around them.

It has been a difficult period for everyone due to the pandemic. Hopefully, we are now all moving in the right direction. Please help us to continue to create an educational environment where all children thrive and learn through good example.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Ed Bowen-Roberts